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When a Win Doesn’t Look Like a Win

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I’ve been in… gosh, I’m not sure… a funk? A slump? A flunky-schlump?

It’s been pretty bad inside my head for the past 3 weeks or so. ?Okay, really more like all spring and into the summer. ?But really coming to a head these last few weeks.

There’s nothing major going on, no crisis or issue, just… weirdness. ?Moment to moment I’m fine, but overall, I’m just not being me.

Bah. ?I hate it.

I mentioned before that I suspected my thyroid (numbers are back- all the same as they were 6 months ago… so maybe not? Or maybe Kanye has a point…?).


I alternate between sleeping too much and not sleeping enough with a weird insomnia thing going on at times. ?I’m eating at weird hours and not exercising enough.

Motivation level: ?-14.

And that might have been giving myself too much credit there.

It’s a taken some time for me to come around and acknowledge it. ?Too much time. ?I usually get there, sometimes it just takes a little longer than others. This is by far the longest?flunky-schlump I’ve ever been in.

The good news? ?I’m recognizing it. ?I acknowledge it. ?And I’m doing something about it.

On Saturday, I went for my “long run” of the week. ?Confession: it was my only run of the week.

4th july run

I did 4 miles and they were pure torture. ?Partially it was a bad leg day (they felt like lead!) but mostly it was just a “HOLY COW girl, you are so out of shape!” day.

It sucked. ?And that time? ?Not cool, Shenanigans. ?Not cool at all.

That being said- I did the miles and I was really proud of myself for getting out there. ?That feeling of accomplishment was what I needed to take the next step.

That craptastic run was my win.

A win doesn't always look like a win- but it's still a win!

A win doesn’t always look like a win- but it’s still a win!

What made this a win? ?Let me count the ways.

1- It was a gorgeous day. ?I love being outside and I love sunrises. ?Arizona allows for plenty of both— if you get your bootay up early enough to avoid the face-melting heat. ?It was hot, but it was peaceful and pretty.


2- It came with a sense of accomplishment I hadn’t felt for a long time. ?4 miles is 4 miles, right? ?Even if they were slow and even if my legs hurt and even if I couldn’t breathe and huffed and puffed the whole way. ?It was 4 miles. ?Hell yeah!

3- It came with the aha moment I was “waiting” for. ?I was ready to face the music. ?When I got home, I finally stepped on the scale (horrors) and admitted that all my clothes from last summer are too tight on me. ?Yay for shopping? ?Ha… no.

All this is the win that doesn’t really sound like a win but really… it’s a win!

I’m celebrating the little things these days. ?Like getting the trash out before pickup.


club 33 coffee

I beat you, trash man! I OWN this Monday. Cheers!

So what’s the next step? ?I’m happy to say I dove right into things with gusto.

There’s a pattern here. ?Let’s see who catches it?

I started up with My Fitness Pal again.? Longhorns2 is me if you are on and want a friend!

I started weighing every day again. ?This isn’t for everyone, but it works for me. ?It keeps me focused and on target.

I started planning my workouts in my daily calendar again.? I love to cross things off a list- and this will ensure I won’t ignore it.

I created a DietBet again. ?Come on over and play! I’m donating my winnings to charity this time (more on that in a bit).

be happy


I confessed to my besties, the DisBroads, again. ?Who are standing by my side in support?again.? You gotta have friends helping you when the times are tough.

I’m blessed to have these ladies!


I drank a crapton of water every day for the past 3 days. ?Again.

Does this all sound familiar from me? ?Yes, it does. ?You are hearing it all AGAIN from me.

I’d like to promise this time is different and there won’t be another post like this again. ?But that’s not a promise I can make to you or myself right now.

I’m not there… yet.

But I am going to try again and again and again until I AM there. ?One day at a time.

And you’ll be the first to know when that happens.

Join me on my DietBet– bet on yourself to lose 4% of your weight in 28 days. ?Winners split the pot! ?Check out this?DietBet post to learn more.?

What tips do you have to get out of a funk? ?Or a slump? I’ll take all the good tips I can get!?

Sharing is caring!

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Lauren Bothwell

Tuesday 7th of July 2015

I love this post! I relate to so much of this post right now it's not even funny. And I have a half marathon this weekend...we'll see how that goes! Maybe I'll be able to think of you for inspiration and make it a win ;)


Tuesday 7th of July 2015

Make it a win girl! You can doooooo it


Monday 6th of July 2015

Awesome job Patty! I too am in a lull on the weight loss front and I know I've lost fitness these last 3 months with no running. I am logging my food/exercise in MFP so I'm gonna go add you! Going for my 2nd run tonight.


Monday 6th of July 2015

Yay for more MFP friends! It makes a big difference. Welcome back to the run!

Pamela Frost

Monday 6th of July 2015

This is a great post Patty! I have also been struggling with a loss of Mojo but started to just set a goal each day and I am getting out there and getting my ass out of bed to run before work! I also started riding my bike at night with the kids so that I have something done every day; sometimes a run and a bike ride! Keep up the good work, 4 miles is 4 miles and it's a fantastic start! When is your next race?


Monday 6th of July 2015

Disneyland 10k. Good news? I'll be able to finish. And it's a Disney run so it doesn't need to be fast. Ha! But I'm hoping for some improvement before then.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.