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February is winter. Full blown cold as you get winter in the US.

So we want to see what your winter run looks like.

Show us your pics!

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Winter Scenes From My Run

I’m in a new place, so this means my runs are looking a little different these days.

Not as many cacti.

You get Double Fit Technology and 100% confidence when you dress in Katie K Active. I’ve been wearing these clothes since the summer and am still in love with these looks. The capris became my go-to this fall when the temps cooled off. What do I like about KatieK? They care about looking fashionable, even while you are working hard. That’s especially nice when you are already a bit conscious about being a non-traditional athlete. I like that I can go from a run to the store and not look like I just went for a run. Plus Size workout clothes

Okay, NONE.

Things are looking a bit unusual around here for me and I’m loving it!

We got a bit of snow last week, but me being me: I did not go run in it.

It was pretty to look at and I saw plenty of hardcore runners out getting in the miles. Nice job, my NOVA neighbors!

But me? I left the snow play for the kids and kept myself warm inside.

We left our old treadmill in Arizona, so I’m currently mill-less. #WhompWhomp  So if I want to run, it’s outside I’ll need to go.

When the weather finally warmed up (because no, I just don’t do cold!), I ventured outside. A friend suggested a nearby lake with a nice long loop. It was fabulous!

I keep looking around my new to me lake loop thinking how gorgeous it will be in the spring and summer.


The trees, oh my word, the trees! I’ll have shade for the first time in forever.

This means I won’t feel like I have to get up at 4 am to run before the brutal sun. Having a little shade means I get to sleep in.

Score one for Virginia.

This was a first for me as well. A dog wearing booties because it was a little chilly out.

How cute is that?!

And I think these are geese, yes? There were a lot of them all around the lake.

This is NOT Arizona, y’all. Ha!

How does your winter running look these days?

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