Wonder Woman’s Lasso Of Truth at Six Flags America

Earlier this week my family was invited to be some of the first in the DC area to check out the new Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth at Six Flags America.

The kids ditched school, I dressed Lucy up in a Wonder Woman costume, and off we went for a day in the park!

lasso of truth at six flags america

Since this was our first trip to Six Flags, we went in ready to try it all. We checked the park out online and had a good idea of what would be hits and misses for our family.

I was pretty sure my oldest two would be into some of the roller coasters and there seemed to be plenty of low-key rides for the younger kids.

But we were here first and foremost for the newest ride and headed to the back of the park where Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth was located.

Six Flags America Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

The Lasso of Truth? Well, it looked intimidating and I heard a lot of “no way, Mom, NO WAY!” before we even got to the ride.

It’s 24 stories tall, so sure, I get it!

And from the comments I received via my Instagram Stories, you guys were thinking the same thing.


“All the NOPE!”

“BIG Chicken here- no way!”

Again, I get it. It looks pretty intense. But as we got closer and chatted with some of the folks who rode before us, we found it was getting rave reviews from all ages.

Everyone (minus my too short min-Wonder Woman) got in line and queued up for our first ride.

Six Flags America Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

You need to be 44 inches to ride in one of the 32 seat swings with an adult, and 48 inches to ride alone.

I was comforted by the competent ride operators who double checked that both of the restraints were locked in for each rider.

Once we got settled in, the nerves shot up. Claire and Luke were both excited and ready to go, but Seth and I were just a tad bit nervous.

But we were pleasantly surprised about this ride!

Six Flags America Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

The great thing about this ride is how gentle it is.

If you like swing rides, then you should be ok on this one. It takes that same idea and just kicks up the adrenaline a few notches as you soar higher into the air.

If there’s a “gentle” thrill ride, this is it!

The view is stunning and you get an amazing 360 of the entire park.

I’m not going to lie- my heart was racing. I was gripping the chains pretty tightly, but overall, I was thrilled at how fun this ride was for all of us.

Six Flags America Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

Even though Lucy was too short to ride, she had a highlight of her own.

Wonder Woman herself showed up! They had an intense conversation covering tiaras and lassos and girl power.

Our first trip to Six Flags was perfect for this Super Hero loving family.

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is open now! If you want to check it out for yourself, Six Flags has a great deal on season passes right now.

50% off for Father’s Day! We’re thinking this would be the perfect gift for Dad: a season of high-flying fun at Six Flags.

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