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Words We Started Using In 2020 (And Hope We Can Stop Using in 2021!)

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2020 has been quite the year! Looking back from a year ago, we couldn’t have known how many new things we’d learn and be saying in our day to day conversations. Here’s a list of the words we started using in 2020 that we hope we can stop using in 2021!

words we started using in 2020 include dumpster fire
Want to make your own dumpster fire costume? Check out for the DIY instructions.

Unprecedented is the first word that we started using in 2020 that comes to mind, but there are so many more.

We really added to our vocabulary with the whole dumpster fire that we lovingly (someday, anyway) will call 2020.

If you’ve got more to add to the list, shout them out below in comments!

But here’s the additions I added to my daily vocabulary.

I present the list of words we added in 2020 that I hope to stop using in 2021!

Words We Started Using In 2020 (And Hope We Can Stop Using in 2021!)

  1. COVID
  2. Covidiot
  3. Social Distancing
  4. Maskne
  5. Maskhole
  6. Dumpster Fire (used before, but really came into its own in 2020!)
  7. Remote Everything
  8. Virtual Everything (virtual classrooms, virtual meetings, virtual vacations, virtual scavenger hunts, virtual press conferences, etc)
  9. Zoom as a noun
  10. Asynchronous vs Synchronous
  11. Quarantine
  12. Rona
  13. Irregardless (now in the dictionary- flips tables over this one)
  14. New normal
  15. In This Together
  16. Sus
  17. You’re Muted
  18. Hybrid everything
  19. F2F (face to face- remember that?)
  20. Pods
  21. Abundance of caution
  22. Quarantini
  23. Safer At Home
  24. Together Apart
  25. Chin Diaper
  26. Car Parade (though this one is fun and I hope it sticks with yard card celebrations!)
  27. Shark coochie
  28. QuaranTeam
  29. QuaranTEEN
  30. Mitigation
  31. Flattening the Curve
  32. Herd Immunity
  33. Phone Sanitizer
  34. COVID Fatigue
  35. Pandemic Puppy (ok, these guys can TOTALLY stay!)
  36. Pandemic
  37. ‘Vid (as in Covid)
  38. Coronacation
  39. Covid 15 (lbs cause we all gained those back in the spring!)
  40. 6ft
  41. Super Spreader
  42. Contact Tracing
  43. Sourdough Starter
  44. N-95
  45. Lockdown
  46. Smizing
  47. PPE
  48. Cohort
  49. Masks
  50. Pivot!
words we started using in 2020 that we dont want to use in 2021 include PIVOT from Friends

Got more to add? Love to hear them!

Shout them out in the comments and we’ll make sure they kinda die with 2020.

Or at least we sure hope they are on the way out!

Sharing is caring!

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