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Work From Home Adult Coloring Page

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We’re living that Soft Office life these days. What does that mean? Working from home, maybe in my PJs without a bra- who’s to say? Need a little relief from that WFH life- settle in with this work from home adult coloring page and your favorite colored pencils or crayons. 

adult coloring page work from home soft office

Working from home can be a challenge- and a blessing- and oh, so many things!

But we all still need a break now and then. 

Especially if you are navigating working from home with kids in the house. 

Everyone should take a break and download a free coloring sheet (donuts? Disney snacks? You decide!)

work from home summer tips

Work From Home Adult Coloring Page: Welcome To My Soft Office

This coloring sheet was made completely free and offered for your download by the most awesome artist, Taylor Thompson.

You can find her at and also on Instagram @taylorthompsonart

One note from the designer: 

** Yes, these are 100% free… However, while they are never expected, tips are always appreciated! My Venmo is @TaylorThompsonArt and my PayPal is **

She’s making a whole series of drawings that you can download for free, so if you love what she’s doing and have a few dollars to spare, I’m sure it’s appreciated!

Click this link –>> to download your Work From Home adult coloring sheet 

adult coloring sheet work from home themed. need a break from the home office?

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