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Tuesdays On The RunA lot of new runners make the mistake of thinking running is just, well, running.

As we know, it’s not!  Tuesdays on the Run is dedicating today to talking about your core and your core workouts.

Tell us what you like the most, or least, about working those muscles.  Better yet, show us your core workout.  Let’s do this!

Link up with Erika, April & I with a core related post or go ahead and link any running post.


Work Your Core, They Said. 

It will be fun, they said.

They lied!


I’ve tried a lot of core programs and exercises and just can’t find one I love.  I’m hoping today’s link up will provide some new ideas for me.

I’ll admit that I’m one of those people that put core last.  And I’m one of those people that should be putting core FIRST!

Having a strong core helps in so many ways: stabilization & balance are the two big ones.

Plus you just look better in your running clothes with a tight core.  Ahem.

Patty Planking

I’ve jumped on the Plank-A-Day bandwagon.  I figure committing to one plank a day is the absolute least I can do for my core- and I’m secretly hoping it will inspire me to pay more attention to that area.

This one was done mid run.  That’s what’s cool about planking: you can literally drop and do them anywhere!

plank stopwatch

Um.  Not impressed.

But it’s what I had in me today.  I’m hoping to get to over a minute every plank by next week.

Then I’ll start shooting for the big goal:  2-minute planks to catch up to Rockstar DisBroad Kristen!  She’s been doing this for over a month now and it’s been inspiring to watch her times climb.

And then there’s this motivation:  3-minutes, I’m coming for ya!

hey girl plank

What do you do for your core?  Are you up for a Pank-A-Day challenge?

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