Your Guide to Using Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando | Minnie Van Pricing Update September 10

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The rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are fabulous options for travelers who don’t want the expense or liability of a rental car. Using Uber Orlando or Lyft Orlando can make getting around the theme parks easy, especially when you are in a mad hurry! Here’s your guide to using Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando airport included!?


How to Uber in Orlando: rideshare services like Lyft and Uber can get you around Disney and Universal with ease!


I mean, you can’t be waiting on a Walt Disney World bus when your “I sold my first born for this?FastPass for Flight of Passage” is about to expire, amirite?

And the Universal Orlando shuttle service or water taxi can take a little too much time for my taste when I need to get to the Hard Rock Orlando Hotel for some nachos!

Here’s what you need to know about ridesharing around Orlando using Uber Orlando or Lyft Orlando.


Universal water taxi. Your Guide to Using Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando

The Universal free services can be great but they can take a little too much time under certain circumstances.


Your Guide to Using Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando

One of the aspects I love about traveling to Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World has to be the fact that you don’t “need” a rental car. Both locations offer plentiful, free transportation to get you and your family around the resorts safely.

But they aren’t always the fastest options.

I get a bit hangry when the?resort bus takes almost an hour to get me to Disney Springs where my delicious chicken and donuts are waiting at Art Smith’s Homecoming.


Menu at Art Smith's Homecoming restaurant in Disney Springs


And when you are at Universal, try hopping from the resort you are staying at over to another one and you’ll soon learn that “free” doesn’t always equate to best.

Time is money, especially when you are paying so much to stay at these theme parks!

That’s why I’m a believer in utilizing rideshare options like Uber and Lyft whenever it makes sense. And, yes, sometimes it makes a lot of sense especially when you are on a tight time budget.


How To Use Lyft Orlando and Uber Orlando

It’s easy, I promise!

First, you’ll need to download the app of your choice. I have them both downloaded and accounts with each one.

Here’s how you can download (affiliate link) Uber.

And here’s how you can download (affiliate link) Lyft.


the Apps you need to uber and lyft Your Guide to Using Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando


I take a few extra minutes to determine which service has a closer ride to me, and which one might be charging more at that particular moment.

At times. the services may charge more due to high demand (think New Year’s Eve, for example). Be aware that just because it was a $6 trip this time, it may not be that cheap next time.

Next, you’ll type in your current location (or location services will choose it for you) and your destination choice.

Choose to order the ride and wait for your chariot. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive notification?in the app letting you know when your Uber or Lyft will arrive.


route and map of a lyft in orlando driver


Uber Orlando airport rides and Lyft Orlando airport rides

Until recently, this was one issue with rideshares: you couldn’t grab one from the Orlando airport.

But now you can! Both Uber and Lyft are available to pick you up from MCO.

Uber had a few prices listed, but be aware that these are just estimates! Uber can get you from:

  • MCO to Downtown Orlando, starting at $27
  • MCO to Convention Center, starting at $23
  • MCO to Walt Disney World Resort, starting at $31
  • MCO to UCF campus, starting at $28


Why Use Rideshare Services like Uber Orlando and Lyft Orlando


car with uber and lyft stickers on it


Bonus answer: you get to ride is some nice vehicles you may never have a chance to check out otherwise.

The car dork in me finds that fun.

Resort buses do a good job moving a lot of people at a time, but they are not fast.


Disney World Bus

Photo: Leslie from Trips with Tykes


My friend Tania at Lolalambchops and I put Lyft to the test. We left our friends at the bus stop (hey, they were invited on the ride but declined- we aren’t monsters!) and hopped in a rideshare.

We were walking into the Magic Kingdom within 15 minutes.

Our friends showed up 45 minutes after us.


dapper dans Walt Disney World

With our Lyft ride, we made it to the Magic Kingdom in time to see our faves: the Dapper Dans!


With that extra time, we saved by taking?Lyft, we gained extra magic in the park. We watched the Dapper Dans, hit up the popcorn stand, took some selfies, and flew to Neverland and visited the Haunted Mansion.

Boom. Time and money (about $7) well spent!


Rideshare Services In Orlando With Kids

Uber and Lyft are great options for adults, but you can also get around Orlando using rideshare when your kids are with you.

Orlando is one of the cities that offer the Uber Car Seat service.

I didn’t use these services myself, but you can learn exactly this works from?Leslie at Trips with Tykes.

Heads up, parents: those car seats will cost you just a little more. But of course, so worth it for the safety of our kiddos.


The Minnie Van Service Fleet

Lyft Orlando started something really fun with Disney World recently.


How to Uber in Orlando: rideshare services like Lyft and Uber can get you around Disney and Universal with ease!

Minnie Vans! Squee! Photo: Kuleen Lashley,


They announced their super adorable Minnie Van service.

Updated September 2018:?The Minnie Vans are available at ALL Disney World resorts! A few select locations outside the parks are available as well. Sarah shares her experience of using the Minnie Vans at Disney World over here.

However, starting September 10th a new per mile fee will be implemented.?The new pricing will have a $15 base price plus a per mile charge.?

I’m seeing reports that this pricing is now in place. Examples of costs that I’ve seen posted online are as follows:

  • Contemporary to Boardwalk: $34
  • Contemporary to Beach Club: $33
  • Contemporary to Animal Kingdom: $39

It appears the pricing is $2.75 per mile plus the $15 base amount.

lyft orlando pricing from MK to AK


And now compare to the Minnie Van pricing:


Minnie Van pricing from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom Sept 2018More on the increased prices at Disney World?here.

Want more great news? You can even take the Minnie Van fleet to and from the airport if you wish. Here’s what you need to know about Lyft Orlando airport runs in the Minne Van.


Minnie Vans from Lyft Orlando airport can be taken to and from MCO

Lyft Orlando Airport Minnie Vans Details

That’s right: you can ride to Disney World from the Orlando International Airport in the van with the dots!

You are now able to book the Minnie Vans to and from the MCO airport. But… it will cost you. Ahem.

How to book Lyft Orlando airport special (and admittedly adorable) rides:


girl standing next to a Minnie Van from Lyft Orlando


  • Booking is not available on the App. At least now when I’ve looked. But you can call Disney World Guest Services and arrange the ride in advance.


  • The ride costs a flat fee of $150 each way. One way rides are available; you are not required to book a round trip Minnie Van on Lyft Orlando.


  • You will need a few things when you make your Minnie Van reservation:- Your Contact Info (Email Address & Phone)
    – Disney World Reservation Info
    – Flight Info
    – How many bags you will be traveling with
    – How many people in the party
    – How many car seats needed
    – Credit Card for payment


  • The driver will meet you at baggage claim when you arrive in MCO. That’s a nice extra!


  • Cancellation for the Minnie Van from MCO is One Day prior to the trip.


  • You will receive an email confirming your trip and payment; so be on the lookout for that!


  • And the biggest reason you might want to take a Minnie Van to MCO with Lyft Orlando? You get to choose your departure time (unlike Disney’s Magical Express).The recommended time is 2 hours before flight departure.


Fast Facts About Uber Orlando & Lyft Orlando


  • Rides are available 24 hours a day.
  • You will need a smartphone and the apps to request a ride.
  • Lyft seems to come in a little cheaper in the Disney World and Universal locations when I compared.
  • The cars are clean and the drivers safe and vetted.
  • Some vehicles will even offer water, gum, or other treats during your transportation. Always a nice bonus!
  • You can tip on both Lyft and Uber now.
  • All drivers appreciate 5-star ratings when it’s appropriate. Don’t forget the feedback after the ride.
  • Both Uber and Lyft can be used to and from MCO.
  • Car seats are available in some Uber vehicles.


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  • Janice Brady says:

    Great info. I used both Lyft and Uber when I was at WDW early this month. I used Uber to and from the airport to Disney property and both trips cost $33. I decided to use it to/from the airport to save time since I had an appointment one hour after landing I didn’t want to risk Magical Express taking too long and leaving I didn’t want to go back to the airport as early as Magical Express takes you back. Both trips were wonderful and easy. I used Lyft once to go from Wilderness Lodge to Disney Springs (cost was $8). Uber back later that night for $8.50. I will say the Uber cars were cleaner and nicer, and the drivers a little better with knowing where they were going. We didn’t use the Disney Minnie van service through Lyft because for a flat $20 for 2 of us, the cost difference was too high. I think I would only use the Minnie van service if there were more of us and we needed the extra space since there is a big difference in price.

  • Melanie Monnette says:

    Do you know if either service provides rides from the cruise port to MCO?

  • shan says:

    i had a very bad experience with lyft, i always suggest people to use uber which i think is the best.

  • Jade says:

    I would also vouch for Uber anytime

  • Lori Berg says:

    does uber pickup at Orlando airport and travel to Deland to brring someone to a residence. Wil be my first time using Uber.. Pretty much a rookie

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