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About Contributor Sarah Bergman

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About Sarah

Sarah Bergman is a Dallas, Texas Mom Blogger.

She’s a minivan driving, coffee drinking, runDisney running, business owning, Netflix watching, mother of two little girls.

You can email her at sbergman.travel@gmail.com

She married her big burly husband, Brandon, 8 years ago in a small chapel in Maui.

They met while attending Texas Tech University, where Sarah earned a degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management.  Sarah has never worked for a restaurant or a hotel.

Then she had 2 babies in 2 years – Evelyn (3) and Olivia (2).

The first one was a surprise after years of infertility.

The second one was an even bigger surprise when the first one was only three months old.

Sarah started running during her battle with infertility to prove to herself that her body could accomplish anything.

She kept running for a good reason to go to Disney several times a year.

She’ll continue to run because she loves the community, loves the endorphins, still loves Disney, and has her eyes set on some new and exciting goals for the future.

She contributes to the Collin County Mom Blog locally.

You can find her work at My No-Guilt Life on her Contributor Page.

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