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The Big List Of Tv and Movie Quotes

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You know that thing that that one guy said in that show that you love? Quoting movies and TVs is an art form- and we love to do it around here! Here’s where you find the big list of tv and movie quotes. Funny movie quotes, sad tv quotes, and everything in between from your favorite movies and shows. ps- we have drinking games you’ll love, too!

list of the best tv and movie quotes

The Big List of TV and Movie Quotes

We love movies and tv shows and always have.

If you find someone who can speak in your favorite movie to you, MARRY THEM! That’s a keeper right there.

But sometimes you can’t quite remember what your favorite line from the movie or who said the phrase that cracked you up on that show… and that’s what this big list of TV and Movie Quotes is for.

Here’s you’ll find your favorite movie and TV lines- iconic and otherwise- that we captured from watching the shows you love.

If you have a movie you want to be covered, be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Please note: we’re human and may not get the line 100% correct 100% of the time. But we do our best to quote the best lines from movies and tv shows for you.

This isn’t a script; you’ll be getting the highlights.

watching tv movie quotes

Now Quoting: Movies and TV Lines You’ll Love

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