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Now that this new year has begun – let’s talk about what you want to do with it! I always love January… fresh starts and high hopes!! I’ve laid out a few goals I have for myself for 2018 – including one BIG one that comes with a Run the Edge Run the Year 2018 Promo Code– and would love to hear yours as well!


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My Running Goals for 2018

New year, new goals.

Last year, my goal was to just run.  I had a love/hate relationship running through two back-to-back pregnancies and really started to hate running while training for The Dopey Challenge in 2017.

So, I just wanted to keep it up.

And I did!  Kind of.


Whatever, I’m still running so it was a success!

This year, I want to make some actual goals.  So at the end of the year, I can look back and see what exactly I have accomplished!


1) Not die during the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon


I've laid out a few goals I have for myself for 2018 - including one BIG one that comes with a Run the Edge Run the Year 2018 Promo Code- and would love to hear yours as well!


My training has been sooooooo less than stellar.  I was able to get in one 10 mile/20 mile back to back training run, so I am confident that I won’t die.  But you never know.

I know I will finish this race (races) in the upright position and I will be super proud of my accomplishment.

However, I am kicking myself for, once again, not properly training and preparing for a HUGE race.

A part of me wants to sign up for 2019 so I can do it the right way – but that’s what I did for THIS year after LAST year and it didn’t quite go as planned.


2) Shave a minute off of my average per-mile pace

Right now, I’m anywhere between a 12-minute mile and a 14-minute mile.

Back o’ the pack!  Represent!

I’d like to see that change – just a little bit.

If at the end of the year I am averaging 11-minute mile to 13-minute mile… that will be a huge success for me!

I’m planning on adding some more strength training and trying to really mix up my workouts, especially over the summer.  If I want things to change, then I need to change up what I’m doing, amiright?!  Which leads me to my next goal…


3) Do more non-running fitness activities

It’s a running goal, but not a running goal.

I know that my running will benefit a LOT from mixing up my fitness routine.

I just don’t know what I want to do!

I used to be the workout DVD QUEEN – but our new house doesn’t really have a good “place” for me to do it, so I have been using that as an excuse.

Time to whip out some old DVDs and get to work.

My gym also has so many classes, and I can even take my kids to the daycare there… so I am really running out of excuses!

I also want to try to do more yoga – for the body AND the mind.


I've laid out a few goals I have for myself for 2018 - including one BIG one that comes with a Run the Edge Run the Year 2018 Promo Code- and would love to hear yours as well!

Paul Bence

4) Run more non-Disney races

Blasphemy – I know!!!  But it’s true.  I really want to mix up my race schedule and do MORE!

I am already signed up for Rock-n-Roll Dallas, and have my sights set on New Orleans, San Antonio, Vegas… and maybe even Seattle!  Stay tuned here, I will have discount codes for you to join in on the Rock-n-Roll fun, too!

I also want to participate in more local races.  DFW has a lot to offer, and I need to take advantage of that!


5) 2018 in 2018

THIS one is the BIG one!

I am so so so excited about this.

Patty and I – along with 2 other friends – are going to run 2018 miles in 2018.

Yes, that’s right.  2018 MILES. That’s a big deal for this average runner…


I've laid out a few goals I have for myself for 2018 - including one BIG one that comes with a Run the Edge Run the Year 2018 Promo Code- and would love to hear yours as well!


Run the Edge is this awesome company that puts together these virtual challenges each year.  This year, we are ON BOARD and have partnered with them for 2018 in 2018.

You can read about our partnership with Run the Edge Run the Year 2018 Virtual Race here.

They even have some additional perks for this year you can take advantage of:

  • Updated tracker allows you to follow other teams and individuals  (like us!!!!!  get your team together and let’s get to work!!)
  • Customize who you see and follow in the tracker
  • An interactive poster to track your progress
  • New and completely awesome motivation/finisher medal
  • Legacy Coins (get one for each year you participate)
  • FREE training plans from 5K to marathon
  • NEW quarterly resets with Simple Green Smoothies (get a custom smoothie plan every quarter just for Run The Year participants)
  • More motivation and community support than ever!

I am SO STINKING EXCITED about this – so please sign up and we can run 2018 in 2018 together! Psst… we have a Run the Edge Run the Year 2018 Promo Code too!



Here’s how YOU can sign up:

I've laid out a few goals I have for myself for 2018 - including one BIG one that comes with a Run the Edge Run the Year 2018 Promo Code- and would love to hear yours as well!

Step 1: Register

Each participant MUST register individually for Run The Year 2018. You will connect with partners and teams in the tracker after registration! Registration is still open and available – there is no deadline to register.


Step 1 Part Two: Use Our Code!

Use the Run the Year 2018 promo code NOGUILT2018 when you register so we can all run together!

Plus – using our code will save you $5 on your registration.


Step 2: Join The Community

Join Run The Year 2018’s private Facebook group for motivation and encouragement all year long. There will be a link to the Facebook group in your registration confirmation.


Step 3: Log In To Mileage Tracker

Log into the Mileage Tracker to begin tracking your miles. The tracker makes it super fun to enter your miles manually or sync with Garmin and Fitbit. You can also create or join a team from inside the tracker starting January 1st. Earn Milestone Bibs and use the tracker on your computer, tablet, and mobile device.


Step 4: Bask In Your Glory

When you (and your team) have completed this challenge you will have covered miles equal to 77 MARATHONS! You can’t help but be in the best shape of your life! Check out their FAQ Page for more information.



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  • Sounds like you have some great goals for this year! I was trying to run 2016 miles in 2016 but then I got injured, and ever since that have decided not to focus on mileage goals. But running it with a few other people sounds like a great idea!

    • Sarah says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you got injured! I’ve been thinking of making it a yearly goal – I may try next year on my own, but count every single step I take all year long

  • I’ve done the RTE challenge with friends a few year, but the truth was we had 4 of us so there was never any question we would meet the “challenge”; not challenging enough!

    I have not yet completely set my goals. Obviously!

    • Sarah says:

      I have a friend who is the same way! If it’s too easy, she’s not interested! I think she’s doing the challenge with one other friend to make it more of a “challenge”!

  • Wendy says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of miles! I did 2015 km in 2015 (1251 miles) and that was plenty! Good luck!

  • Kim G says:

    That’s a lot of miles for 2018! Good luck with all of your goals this year and have fun at Disney!

  • I have seen that mileage challenge, and have considered doing it. Of course, I’d need at least another partner along for the ride; there’s no way I’d be able to do all those miles on my own (nor would I want to LOL).

  • I hope you have a great time in Disney! You have some solid goals for 2018…have fun with the Run the Year challenge!

  • Not dying during the marathon is a solid goal. LOL Adding strength and cross-training should definitely help with that. 🙂

    2018 miles in 2018?!?! WOW!! That sounds like a fun challenge, especially since you’re doing it with friends.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m pretty excited! We got our team set up on the tracker last night… soooo many miles to go! But 3/4 of us are running Dopey this weekend so we should start logging some serious miles!

  • Good luck reaching 2,018 miles. I would like to think of myself has a big runner and I didn’t even come close this year 1,419. I have done both Dallas and Vegas Rock n Roll races and they are always so fun! I would love to do one in New Orleans. I love that city!

    • Sarah says:

      You should team up with a friend and do it together!! 🙂

      I’m really excited about Rock n Roll… I am doing Dallas for sure, and New Orleans for the 5K and 10K! It’s going to be a blast!!

  • Marcia says:

    Have fun reaching 2018 miles. Very cool! I’ve wanted to run RnRNOLA for. EVER but air is always so $$$ from Chicago. I’ll be at RnR Carlsbad in March though and who knows where else. Excited for you at DIsney!

  • Good luck with the race! I hear you on not quite training…

    Sounds like you have some fun race options for the year – you should also consider the ZOOMA race in Austin. I can hook you up with a discount code LOL. 😉

  • vicki says:

    Good luck at Disney! 2018 is a lot of miles 🙂

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