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Check your email if you’ve participated in a runDisney event in the past couple of months.

You might find a survey sent out asking some interesting questions.

I can boil it down for you:  would you pay more for unique characters, expo experiences and corral placement.

Oh yeah- they went there.

Survey 5

They also asked about specific race themes and characters you’d like to see.

I’d love to see more Disney characters in Avengers and Star Wars costumes:  YES!

But a Pixar race?  Meh.  Not for me.

I’d be all over a villains themed race, however.

Survey 1

I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of these questions.

What add-ons are you willing to pay a premium for? And what do you wish they would add as far as a new theme for a race.

My first thought is that races like Avengers and Tinker Bell might be looking for new themes.  Since I happen to love BOTH these races and their themes, I’d be giving that a big ol’ stink eye.

Don’t do it, runDisney.

Tink doesn’t seem to be bouncing back from the move to May.  So find a new date.  One that is appealing to mothers (hint- May is TOUGH for moms!).  Avengers simply needs more park time and more characters: the things you run Disney for, right?

This one is interesting.

Survey 3

Two Princess Half Marathons? One on Saturday and one on Sunday?

Or maybe two Wine & Dine events?

Or the easiest might be two Walt Disney World Half Marathons?  Run one on Saturday and run it again on Sunday during the marathon since they share a course?

I don’t know what direction things may be going, but some of these ideas are fascinating. And are sure to cause some drama (hello, Corral A for an extra $50, right?).

I’ve always believed runDisney was more about the experience you could (pay to) have that set is apart from a typical road race.  These questions and possible direction certainly support that claim.

It’s not about the running; it’s about the Disney experience.


  • Pam says:

    The corral system is already flawed and to have runners be able to pay for better corral placement is ridiculous. I will quite running the runDisney races when that happens.

  • Sandra says:

    I plan on running Tink in may 2017 granted it doesn’t move. May is easy for me as a teacher from Canada. I would never pay for a better corral placement even as a back of the pack runner. It’s just not fair. Can you imagine with my 14:30min/mile how much of a nuisance I would be? Finally, I just wish I could run all of Disney races in a year, but again, being a teacher and Canadian doesn’t make it easy! *insert whining voice here*

  • Selena says:

    OMG! I didn’t get this email! I should check my spam.

    First thought – pay to get your corral? Crazy talk! I may not be an elite but I bet those fast runners don’t like the idea. Being a back of the packer, it’s so exciting when the next year I find myself one corral closer. It’s like an accomplishment in itself.

    Next thought – Imagine a heroes and villains back to back half marathon weekend!!! Like battle the villains on Saturday and run with the heroes in Sunday. Heroes like Hercules, Mulan, the Incredibles, baymax!

    I agree. If they move Tinker Bell, I bet race registration would pick back up a little. Mother’s day is rough.

    • patty says:

      May altogether is tough here for us- lots of kids with lots of activities and end of year “stuff” happening. The May move helped some folks and hurt others. I probably won’t run Tink ever again. And that makes me sad. Love that race!

  • Carolyn says:

    Wow at paying for corral placement. This will be the new scheme – everyone automatically starts at the back and pricing is as follows: A +$500, B +400, etc. Or, they’ll do their version of dynamic pricing – ‘You ran the last Disney half in 3:38 so you can start in A for $500, B for $400, C for $300, but for your 2:40 friend it’s only $300 to start in A. Paying to jump corrals will be at least a three-digit add-on. That you can bet on.

    I wonder what their thoughts on the ‘VIP corral access’ is, too. Right now I make sure to get to the corrals super early so I can be at the very front. I wonder if they are thinking to make the front of the corrals the VIP section.

    Disneyland already had a free trial welcome reception with early shopping access for Avengers so I’d bet that is probably in the finalization stages now.

    A second half marathon during the weekend is interesting. I wonder if Anaheim would be willing to shut down city streets two days in a row.

    I do like the idea of a Villains themed race. The 1-Mile Family race is a nice idea, too. A tween race seems unnecessary. Most of them run the 10K and I’ve seen a few running the half. I don’t mind the idea of a 10 miler or 15K either. Pixar is a cute idea but I’d save that for a shorter race.

    Moving TinkerBell to Mother’s Day was a horrible idea. Not only are people busy with their moms but a lot of colleges have their graduations at that time, too. I don’t think they’ll get rid of the Tink theme, though. They need a Disneyland lady race.

    Disneyland has already seen a slow down in the rate that races sell out so the $200+ half price point is having it’s effect. If paying for corrals or making the front of corrals VIP is enacted I think I would stop running Disney races. There are tons of other local halfs I’ve been meaning to check out and this would give me a good excuse to turn my back on Disney and do so.

  • Heather Huerta says:

    I have worked hard for over 3 years to earn corral C and plan to keep moving up so I say no to paying for a spot. If you could buy a spot most earn just sell the finishers medal it’s the same thing.

  • DIStherapy says:

    Thanks for a peek into the future Patty- I had a feeling the Disney Wine & Dine Half Weekend Welcome Reception was just a first step… At a certain point, there are just so many weekends the Disney Parks will give over to races; the only avenue left for growth of the brand would be these “premier” fee-for-service experiences. It’s a good business model, but I certainly hope they don’t lose that magic model!

  • Pauline PT says:

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a Villains themed race!

    And YES to the child care services! That is the one thing that holds me out of some races.

    Regarding the second half marathon, maybe they’re thinking of spreading out runners between the two races so it’s not so crowded?

  • Caitlin says:

    Disney has really gone downhill in terms of participants observing race etiquette over the years already, I can only imagine how placing slower runners in the front corrals for a fee would effect the running etiquette. When someone pays a premium fee for a service, a sense of entitlement naturally occurs, so we all know if a 16 minute miler pays to be in corral A they will walk straight up the middle with zero regard for those who actually want to run.

    I’ve worked very hard over the years to go from the back of the pack corrals up to corral B/C and the race experience between starting in corral J versus corral B has been night and day. I love being able to run with those of similar pace rather than having to bob and weave through walkers. Corrals are earned, not given. If they institute paying for corral placement, that will be the final straw that makes me walk away from RunDisney events (even though I love them and have been a loyal Disney runner for years).

  • Heather says:

    I earn my spot in A or B and it is a big safety issue when people get placed there with much slower times. There is already enough corral jumping at these races to implement this. All I see at this point is rundisney after more money. It’s getting ridiculous. And why two halfs in a weekend? Add another full! In future years I won’t be doing anymore halfs and just coming to the January marathon weekend.

  • Rochelle says:

    I have participated in a runDisney event and am signed up for 2 more. I did not get the questionnaire. My husband, who is signed up for the Star Wars 10K only, and has never participated in a rD event, did get the email. I’ll be assisting in answering the questions! I don’t like the idea of paying more for corral placement. If you’re going to do that, what’s the point in a POT? You could just pay for whatever corral you want. That’s just too dangerous in terms of mixing paces. I would love a villains race!

  • Lisa says:

    I would be super discouraged and would spend my racing dollars in other places if they allowed people to pay for corrals. It is dangerous and even with the current system, people who can’t keep pace or don’t understand basic running etiquette sneak in and cause problems, injuries, etc.

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