3 Step Road Trip Tip: Cooler Prep

It’s time to take off again! The annual summer road trip begins on Saturday as we load up and head out to Florida. Road trips are great, in my opinion; here is my favorite road trip tip. Much to my kids chagrin, we are a road tripping family. When there are 6 of you, finances […]

Run With Me: I Have Bunnies

Do you ever wonder what goes through a runners head? I do. Take super peppy happy runner lady today.  She was bouncing along with a huge smile on her face as I passed her on my way to the trail.  30 minutes later, she was still super happy peppy as she bounced past me on […]

My Target Lilly Pulitzer Experience

I guess I live in a cave.  Or in Arizona. Because I had no idea this was “A Thing”. Something becomes “A Thing” when people decide to camp out overnight (or at least 3 hours early) for a chance to purchase items. In my life, the only time I participated in “A Thing” was the time […]

LEGO KidsFest Arizona: Review

Disclosure: I was invited as media to attend and review this event.  I was given 4 passes to take my family with me.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Yesterday my boys and I went to the biggest  LEGO®-palooza I’ve ever seen in my life: LEGO KidsFest in Phoenix, Arizona.  I heard about this […]

What’s SUP? Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Last Sunday I woke up before the sun and headed into the big city.  My local Moms Run This Town chapter  was trying something new: Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). I didn’t have to be talked into this endeavor: I have been dying to give it a try for years! One of our leaders in […]

Sum It Up Sunday

Good Sunday morning peeps!  Anyone running today?  I planned to, but you know, Twitter happened last night.  So I overslept. Darn you, Twitter and your 140 characters of bizarro humor! What kept me glued to the screen?  These hilarious Dads on Twitter #OPERATIONRAVERGLOWSTICKSINTHEPOOL Yep.  That was my Saturday night.  I couldn’t look away, y’all.  I […]

When You Can’t Sleep, Run

Might as well, right? At least that was my thought at 4:30 this morning.  My daughter woke me up around 3:30 and once that happened, well, I was just up.  I couldn’t go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried.  Sleep has not been coming easily to me lately and that makes me […]

Mom Monday: Summertime Blues

Yes.  Shut up, I know.  Gahhhhh! It’s been, like, 30 seconds since my kids officially got out of school for the summer and I’m complaining.  Mom can’t hang, y’all. Your kids probably still have a week or more left thanks to Elsa and her never-ending winter.  You probably long for the day that projects are […]