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The Incredibles 2 Mask Cookies | Disney Incredibles Birthday Party

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If you haven’t heard, this summer is going to be Incredible! The Incredibles 2 movie, the much anticipated Incredibles sequel, his theaters on June 15. And my summer baby has already requested a Disney Incredibles birthday party-? starting with these adorable Incredibles 2 mask cookies from my good friend in Texas, Royal Raven Custom Cookies. Here’s her Incredibles cookies tutorial with the Incredibles mask template PDF included. Affiliate links included in this post.


Guys, I’m Incredibly?excited about this movie! So I was super pleased when my youngest requested a Disney Incredibles birthday party later this summer.

While I’m not the most creative person around, I have a few friends that fall into that category.

Hey, it’s not what you know, but who you know. That happens to be my superpower.

One of my oldest and first online friends turned real-life besties is Alicia, who happens to have an Incredible talent of her own: she makes amazing cookies. Check out Royal Raven Custom Cookies?and I’m sure you will agree!

I asked her for ideas on how to pull off an Incredibles 2 themed cookie and she came through with these Incredibles 2 mask cookies.

I die! So stinking cute!?


Incredibles 2 mask cookies and logo cookies for an Incredibles themed birthday party

(Disney copyrighted cookies NOT for sale. Ever.) Photo: Royal Raven Custom Cookies


Disney Incredibles Birthday Party Ideas

The Incredibles is high on my “Best Pixar Movies” list. I’m going out on a limb to say that The Incredibles 2 movie is going to be ah-mazing as well (at least based on what we’ve seen so far!).

And Mrs. Incredible is my own personal mom-spiration. Being flexible is the key to this mom game, and boy does Elastigirl have that part down!

I’ve also been given the opportunity of this Pixar-loving mom’s life: April 3-5 I travel to The Incredibles 2 Event. Be sure to read all about it and follow along on social media with #Incredibles2Event

My youngest, #OhLucy as I call her, has been asking all kinds of questions about the trip. Her biggest dream is to be an artist for Disney so when I told her the details about Pixar, she was all in!

That’s when the Incredibles birthday party request came in and I’m just getting started. All I know for sure:



I’ve been looking at Etsy and found some additional ideas for a Disney Incredibles birthday party.

We’ll need Incredibles themed invitations: I love these movie ticket Incredibles invitations for sure.

A fun Incredibles photo booth with props would also be something fairly easy to pull off. Kids love photo booths!

My friend Britni has some adorable DIY Incredibles shirt ideas as well!

And I think I’ve already gushed about these Incredibles Minnie Ears on Etsy (that might have found their way into my shopping cart just now).


The Incredibles 2 movie inspired ears

Photo: EverAfterByPatti


Look- I can wear them when I meet Edna Mode at Disney World during the Incredible Summer so this just makes sense to get additional use out of them for the party!

Yup, I can justify anything Disney, can’t I? Also a superpower I have- and one I happen to share with fellow Incredible Mom, Alicia!

She wrote a super helpful Incredibles 2 mask cookies tutorial that you can use as inspiration for your own Disney Incredibles birthday party.


The Incredibles 2 Mask Cookies

by Alicia Arbaugh, Royal Raven Custom Cookies

Hey guys! I?m Alicia from Royal Raven Cookies and I?m a not so secret Disney nerd.

In honor of my friend, Patty, going to visit Pixar Animation Studios for the Incredibles 2 event (SO jealous!!), I wanted to take you through this tutorial on how to make Incredibles 2 Mask cookies.

For a snack, project with the kids, an Incredibles birthday party, whatever!

Chocolate + cookies + a stick?how can you go wrong? Fun AND delicious.

So fun that my tweens even posed with them without complaining.

But that could be because I promised they could eat one. Maybe.


Incredibles 2 mask cookies and logo cookies for an Incredibles themed birthday party

Photo: Royal Raven Custom Cookies


What you don?t see is my epic fail where I forgot a stick of butter and had to scrap a whole recipe.

The cookie gods were not with me initially during this project, but I managed to make a comeback with success!


The Incredibles Cookies Recipe

My go-to chocolate sugar cookie (that doesn?t spread) is LilaLoa?s End All For Chocolate recipe.

If you get the chance, go check out her blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

She?s a crazy talented cookie decorator and is probably one of the nicest people you?ll ever meet. Side note: she?s one of my cookie idols. I got to meet her a few weeks ago and nearly died. She?s awesome!

My only alteration to the recipe was omitting the baking powder. I avoid baking powder as it makes cookies spread and I wanted to maintain the shape of the masks.

Because I planned on chilling the dough, I only used 3 cups of flour.

You guys, this recipe tastes like chocolate brownies! It doesn?t get better than that!


Incredibles 2 mask cookies ingredients for an Incredibles themed birthday party


The Incredibles 2 Mask Cookies Directions


The Incredibles Mask Template

The first step in making Incredibles mask cookies is finding that perfect mask shape. You’ll want to download the Incredibles Mask Template if you aren’t up to free-hand drawing one of your own!

Click and download the PDF Incredibles mask template.

The Incredibles Mask Template

The Incredibles Mask Template perfect for s Superhero birthday party. Use to make felt masks or cookies or whatever your superhero needs!


Printed it right off the computer onto regular paper.

Then I cut out the shape to use as the Incredibles mask template.

I used scissors and a craft knife for cutting. Your level of perfectionism may vary, so do whatever works for you!


Incredibles 2 mask cookies paper template for an Incredibles themed birthday party

PDF of the Incredibles Mask Template for this cookie project included here.


I recommend chilling the dough as it allows you to cut the shapes with greater ease and transfer them to your baking sheet while maintaining their shape.

I rolled the dough between long pieces of wax paper to ?? thickness and chilled the dough for about 8 hours.


rolling dough between wax papers for The Incredibles cookies


Once I cut the shapes, I smoothed the edges with my finger both on the outside edge and inside the eye holes.


cutting the Incredibles cookie dough and smoothing the edges


Instead of putting my cookie stick directly into the cookie, I chose to push the stick into one side of the mask and cover in the leftover dough.

I figured that would be more sturdy since it?s such a large cookie.


dough covering the stick in the Incredibles cookie mask


Since the cookie is larger, I baked for about 12 minutes just to be sure it was done.

I lined my baking sheet with parchment paper to avoid sticking.

Let the masks chill until cooled completely on the baking sheet.

Again, I did this just to make sure it maintained shape and didn?t break. I?ve destroyed many a beautiful cookie by being impatient and these took too much effort to risk it!


Incredibles mask cookies baked on cookie tray


Once cooled, they are ready to go! No icing needed.

If you are looking for a darker mask, you can use black cocoa.

I?m a Hershey?s gal, so that?s what I used.

These cookies smell phenomenal, by the way. The kids started hovering as soon as I pulled them out of the oven.

Hope you enjoy and HAVE FUN with these! I could see these working very nicely in a superhero photo booth! If they get that far?!


Incredibles 2 mask cookies and logo cookies for an Incredibles themed birthday party


Thanks so much, Alicia! These Incredibles cookies are- well, INCREDIBLE!

And tell the kiddos thanks for modeling for us. How adorable are they?!

Don’t forget to pin it for later!


Incredibles 2 mask cookies and logo cookies for an Incredibles themed birthday party! Or a Pixar Incredibles watching party. The superhero mask cookies work for other movies as well. #Incredibles #Incredibles2 #IncrediblesBirthdayParty #cookietutorial #partyideas #kidspartyideas #kidspartyfood #TheIncrediblesPartyIdeas


The Incredibles 2 Movie

So planning is in full swing. And thanks to Alicia, I know what Incredibles cookies I’ll have for Lucy’s party. Because I think even I can manage these Incredibles 2 mask cookies since there’s no frosting involved!

Check out the Incredibles 2 movie trailer- Bob even mentions cookies!

But they aren’t nearly as cool as Alicia’s. Maybe Jack-Jack would chill if they were?



Be sure to catch the Incredibles 2 movie coming out on June 15- and maybe make the Incredibles cookies to celebrate afterward. I mean, a watching party is always a good idea when super movies come out.

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Incredibles 2 posters and new official incredibles 2 trailer is here!


More Pixar Incredibles News

You can earn Incredibles medals from the 2018 runDisney virtual racing series!

Disneyland Pixar Pier featuring the Incredicoaster will open this summer.


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