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Summer Plans and Goals | Tuesdays on the Run

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Summer Plans

So this was supposed to be posted last week, but we kinda forgot about it. Oops! So here we go… !

I can not believe that summer is in FULL SWING. I’m not really ready for the heat, but I do have a solid plan set from now until April 2019.

Who am I?

My race schedule is as follows:

  • November 2-4 > Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend
  • November 10-11 > Rock n Roll Vegas Half Marathon
  • December 2 > Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon
  • January 10-13 > Dopey Challenge
  • February 21-24 > Disney Princess Half Marathon
  • March 24 > Los Angeles Marathon
  • April 4-7 > Star Wars Rival Run

… I am almost positive some more races will be tossed into the mix, but this summer I am really focusing on other stuff in order to prepare for a pretty serious fall racing schedule.

There are three main goals I have for myself for the summer, and getting them down on the screen will help me stick to them!


I can’t remember the last time I was THIS happy after a long (sweaty) run!


I Want to Get Faster

I have no plans to BQ, but I would like to see myself get a bit faster.

Losing weight has helped immensely, but I am taking steps this summer to do a little bit extra to help me get faster.

Short intervals, long intervals, tempo runs, speed work, hills… and not to mention making sure I am doing additional strength training.

In the past few weeks, I have actually seen improvement, too!  So that’s immensely helpful to maintain motivation!


I can’t remember the last time I did strength training on a regular basis… that’s changing this summer!


I Want to Be More Consistent

When I trained for my first half, I did not miss a single run. If it was on the schedule, it happened.

By the second half, I gave myself some more grace.

Over the years, I discovered that I could still finish with minimal training. With two kids under two, that’s pretty much all I could manage… minimal training.

This summer, I want to get back to consistency. I don’t want to make any more excuses. Yes, sometimes a run will get missed – but that shouldn’t be because I am tired or because I am busy. Running is a priority and needs to be treated as such!

I just finished an incredible Train Like a Mother 5-Week Stride program and I did not miss ONE workout. It reminded me what accomplishment feels like! It’s time to keep it UP!


I Want to Love to Run

This is silly because right now, I absolutely love to run.

I am legitimately looking forward to getting out of bed and hitting the pavement.

I’ve got some incredible strength training plans on my schedule that I am ridiculously excited about.


Burnout is REAL and has happened to me two years in a row during marathon training.

One of my BIGGEST and BADDEST goals for this summer is to continue to enjoy what I am doing. I just want to keep it fun and exciting, throw in some extra races when it makes sense, take a day off if I need a day off, and really focus on not letting myself get overtired and overrun.


I’m not fast, but I can’t wait to see these numbers change over the next few months!  I have already seen a big improvement in my times!


… so tell me, what running goals do YOU have for yourself this summer?


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  • Sounds like a great plan! Good luck with all of the speedwork.

  • Wendy says:

    we have very similar goals! I just hired an online coach and this is my third week of regular strength, core, and speedwork.

  • Laurie says:

    Your race schedule is so impressive! My goal for the summer was to train for my August marathon. I tried a long run yesterday (19), but had to cut it short due to injury. The pain in my hip came back. Oh no! Hope it’s OK by August.

  • AmyC says:

    These all sound like great goals! I’m trying to consistently add strength training into my weekly workouts too.

  • Wendy says:

    I think wanting to love to run is a good goal. I’ve always loved running, but right now I’m not loving it much. I’d like to get back to that feeling again.

  • Good luck! Marathon training is a delicate balance between staying focused and enjoying the journey…without getting burnout along the way. You’re gonna love Vegas!!!

  • Lesley says:

    Goal #1 was to rest and recover from my May race. I may not have done anything June, but that was the plan. My next goal in the off season is always to continue strength training and get stronger.
    I did the RnR Vegas 10k last year and loved it! Can’t wait for Princess too.

  • vicki says:

    That’s a great summer plan. I have some shorter races on tap.

  • Wow! You have quite the upcoming race schedule!!

    I like your goals for this summer, especially the “want to love to run” one. I think that’s definitely important. Burn-out happens both after and before races. Burn-out can be caused by so many different things! Right now, I’m struggling to run because of the darn humidity. Had a good one this morning though. It’s all about changing the way you think, (at least that’s what I think).

  • Shathiso says:

    Those are some fantastic goals! Some of mine are similar – I definitely want to get faster and I have been doing more speed workouts. I also want to get stronger so I have signed up for an obstacle course race with the hope that this pushes me to do a lot more strength workouts!

  • you have a great fall line up! RnR Vegas was one of my favorite races ever

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