Drinking Around The World At Epcot

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Drinking around the world at Epcot is a time-honored tradition at Walt Disney World. The idea is simple: stop in each country and drink one beverage at each location- with bonus stops during Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival. Here are some options to consider on your next drink around the world trip at Epcot.


Disney World Food and Wine Festival Passport at Epcot

Drinking around the world gets intense when you add in Food & Wine Festival.


With 11 permanent countries represented, I salute (or?salut!)?those that can complete the Drinking Around the World challenge. And it’s not just for the alcoholic drinkers; non-alcoholic options count too!

But let’s be real: it’s usually the boozehounds who think this is a good idea.

Things get really interesting when you visit during the Food & Wine Festival and the number of alcoholic drink options increase.

By a lot.?




There are more than two dozen additional food booths added to the World Showcase and many of these will offer beverage options.

So what does that mean? It means if you visit during this time, you need to pace yourself.

An afternoon in Florida fall sunshine with a drink in hand can be a perfect way to explore what Epcot has to offer, but it’s easy to get carried away.

So please attempt the drinking around the world in Epcot carefully.


Drinking around the world at epcot food and wine mickey topiary

Chef Mickey grilling up fun at Epcot Food & Wine Festival. Drinking around the world.


Especially with Magic Band linked credit card access. Ha!

Here are a few of my favorite drinks at my favorite Epcot locations. And no, I did not drink around the world, nor did I take all these pictures in one day.

If I attempted the drink around the world challenge, I’d also have to pee around the world and I’m not sure I would ever make it to all 11 countries.



Drinking Around The World At Epcot


drinking around the world at epcot



What can I say? Mexico is my closest neighbor.

I make Mexico my first stop when I’m drinking around the world in Epcot.

Especially La Cava, the tequila bar located inside the Mexican pavilion. 12/10 tequila lovers highly recommend!

But the new margarita stand just as you enter the pavilion is also amazing- I especially love the Fiesta margarita at Choza de Margarita.


drinking around the world in epcot Margaritas in Mexico


This last trip I decided I’d branch out a bit and see what other countries had to offer.

Over the course of my four days at Walt Disney World, I sampled a few new beverages and snacks along the way.

I discovered that, yes, other countries can get you just as drunk as Mexico! Who knew?




china in epcot


But I did pick up a few egg rolls and enjoyed the view.

This is one peaceful location, even in a busy park.

And eggrolls are always a good idea. Always.

I tried the Canto Loopy from the Joy of Tea kiosk. Tasty! (But no margarita, TBH.)


Frinking around the world in Epcot Canto Loopy in China



I had an amazing lunch in Italy at Via Napoli.

If you haven’t had pizza here, then make this a stop during your next trip!


Drinking around the world Epcot Italy


The booth outside of the pavilion offered eight options to quench your thirst.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the choices offered.

Mine was peachy flavored and bubbly. A nice addition to drinking around the world at Epcot!




No food, no drink, but it’s one of my favorite pavilions.

I have no reason why; I just like going back here!

Gratuitous fountain shot. Enjoy!


drinking around the world in epcot Morocco




Ahhh, Paris. The city of lights and lovers.

Even Epcot’s version of Paris is pretty amazing.


drinking around the world in epcot france grand mariner slushie


And more so with a Grand Marnier Orange Slush.

This can be found year-round at a booth right outside Les Chefs de France.

If orange isn’t your flavor, be sure to try the?Grey Goose Lemon Slush instead.




drinking around the world in epcot food and wine booth Greece


One of the booths offering food and drink last year was Greece.

It’s located right across from Canada and we stopped in because a friend wanted one of the food offerings.

Spanakopita is delicious!

I chose a Greek wine (Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko) in a commemorative glass.

Isn’t it cute?




Oh, Canada!

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways: Canadian cheddar cheese soup served with a pretzel roll,?Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle-Butter Sauce, and?Dragon Berry Refresher featuring Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum.


Dragon Berry drinking around the world in epcot


Okay, so the drink wasn’t technically bought in Canada (purchased just down the road a bit), but I drank it there, and I’m sure Justin Trudeau would accept it should it apply for citizenship.

If there wasn’t so much of that cold white stuff up there, I might see about moving.

Because: delish. This was by far my favorite stop.




And the final stop, as always, was back in Mexico.

La Cava, you complete me.




Those are my highlights from last year’s trips to Epcot.

I think I’d like to go back during Food and Wine and participate in some of the tastings and special events they have every year.

Some of them are super fancy-sounding (ie, super expensive!) but I think I’d dig a few of them.


drinking around the world at epcot champagne


There’s a burger party that I dream about. I’ve never met a burger I didn’t love!

What’s your favorite drink from Epcot? What should I add to the list for next year?


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drinking around the world Mexico

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  • Steven Reichert says:

    Yes, Drinking Around the world is a time honored tradition and it was established by cast members back in 1982 when Epcot Center first opened.
    Drinking around the world consists have having a beer and a beer only at each of the countries of world showcase starting at the Mexican Pavilion and trying to make it to Canada. The sad part is People like you who have Shanghaied a time honored tradition and include any type of drink. Please stop. You’ve ruined a beautiful thing.

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