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You guys know me. I’m all about being honest with my product reviews. If I find a flaw or a problem with something I won’t hesitate to share that information.

So here’s my honest review of a week on the Atkins 40 plan.

It was GREAT.

Except for that pesky Day 1.

Day 1 was HARD y’all. Like stupid come-on-Shenanigans-get-some-willpower hard.

I had cravings and I wanted to eat all the sweet (ie, carb loaded crappy food) things in the house.

The Atkins plan doesn’t want you to do that. It makes sense, really, even though it was hard to convince my taste buds of this plan!

Atkins encourages you to up your protein intake, take in adequate healthy fats, and lower your carbohydrates in order to “flip” your metabolic switch and burn more fat.

And boy, do I have fat to burn.

They offer a fantastic collection of pre-packaged foods to help you out. I tried bars and shakes this week and give them both thumbs up. I couldn’t tell I was eating “diet” food at all.

I started the program on Saturday and was eager to hit the ground running.

Like I said, Day 1 was hard. I struggled. I wanted candy (candy = tons of sugar = carbs!) since Halloween had just passed. My habit of grabbing a piece or two (or three) as I walked by the stash on the counter was coming back to haunt me.

So that had to stop.

Out of sight, out of mind. All the candy went into the guestroom closet. Top shelf. I can’t reach it easily and as Martha says, that’s a good thing.

After the temptation was handled, I was able to focus more on the goals of the program.

I followed 4 of 5 days perfectly without deviation. I am pretty proud of that fact because I turned down a lot of good stuff this weekend!

This is the plan that I followed for 5 days.  I picked my favorite 5 days and stuck with them.

Printable Meal Plan: Download here!

Almost all these foods were found in my fridge.

The problem? I wasn’t eating them!  Weight loss FAIL.

The truth of it is, I need a written plan.

Plans work for me. They just do.  I’m better when my focus is going from A to B to C.

I know the goal is for it all to become second nature, but I find higher success when I keep up with a written plan. Apparently, I need someone to tell me what to do. Geesh… I thought I was the mom!

And as far as running and not having enough carbs on board? Not a problem for me.

I ran 12 miles on Monday and felt good.

Pre-run I ate the oatmeal, strawberries, and bacon. Mid-run I ate a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar.

No bonking allowed.

Image courtesy of Atkins.

The myth that you can’t have carbs is flat out wrong. You get to eat plenty of them. They are just the right carbs.

My biggest challenge was being prepared with fruits and vegetables on hand. I had to go back to my prepping days and make sure I had enough to get me through. You know what happened? I actually ran out!

Apparently, if you put a bowl of cut-up fruit in the fridge, the kids will eat it. Who knew?

I’m giving Atkins a big thumbs up this week. I felt better, I had more energy, I knew I was doing something good for my body AND I was able to stick to it without too much struggle.

Hey- I even ate OUT and stuck to the plan. Huzzah!

End result: lost 3.5 pounds in 5 days. Considering the last time I actually lost weight was over 2 months ago, this is a major confidence booster.

If you have any concerns about the plan, I’m happy to share more information, so just ask! But the real experts can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Follow them and hit them up with any questions you might have.

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What appeals to you most about following an Atkins diet?

Don’t forget to download your Printable Meal Plan here!

Atkins 40 meal plan for week 1. It's delicious, nutritious, and filling- you won't be hungry! Tips for planning your first week menu when you start the low-carb life. Atkins will help you become successful with weight loss by changing the way you eat. Recipes | Success | Phase 1


  • Jennifer says:

    I felt the need to comment because I am with you on this!

    I’m firmly in week 2 of no white bread, white sugar, white potatoes I’m getting all my carbs from veggies and fruit. I know it’s not exactly Atkins, but it’s amazing how much progress I have made.


  • Jen says:

    Now that is has been a couple of months on it, is it still working for you? With the holidays how did that go? I am looking for a lifestyle change and this seems logical, unlike a lot of other diets. I was just curious about how it is working for you. Thanks!

    • patty says:

      Its great. Now full disclosure I didnt stick to it full time past the first week. But when i did mindfully eat the atkins way I felt much better! I think its logical and easy to do for sure. Good luck!

      • Jen says:

        Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. I definitely think it sounds logical now just to be disciplined enough to stick with it. Thanks again!

  • Sipiwe Kachidza Mapfumo says:

    The trick is in keeping with the bases of reduces carb intake… with time you will see the difference.

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